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Zaronas Jonas

* 1897 - 1969
* recognized in 1982

Eržvilkas cemetery, Tauragė district

Zaronas Jonas

55.258336 22.712823

About the rescuer and the rescue story

Jonas and Petronėlė Zaronai were poor farmers living near Eržvilkas. It is known that they had children. During the Holocaust, the Zaronas built a bunker that became a long-term hiding place for persecuted Jews. At least 6 people survived in this shelter. From the hiding place, there was a 4-metre tunnel leading to the summerhouse, where Petronėlė prepared a place for the hiding Jews to wash and clean themselves. Petronėlė and Jonas would take turns going to the shop in Eržvilkas to get food. The road led across the Vidaujos River, a thick tree was thrown across the river, and a railing was used as a handrail, tied to a pole on both sides of the river.

Rescued persons (Yad Vashem web page):

Sara Liebman Chotiner
Chava Liebman Leibovich
Liuba Liebman Jezierski
Akiva Liebman
Orchik Kelz
Sore-Beile Kelz

Information collected using:

The story of the Zarons' baptismal daughter

55.258336 22.712823

The Libman sisters

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