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Pajedaitė Bronė

*1906 (in other sources 1910) - 1945
*recognized in 2000

No grave

Pajedaitė Bronė

Died in the security of Kaunas 10 days after her arrest, her body was not returned to relatives

About the rescuer and the rescue story

Tamara Lazerson was imprisoned in the Kaunas ghetto along with her parents - a famous doctor, Vytautas Magnus University professor Vladimir Lazerson, mother Regina and brother Viktoras. At the beginning of 1944, when Tamara was working in the Jewish brigade at the Gum factory, dentist Bronė Pajėdaitė came to the factory office - who, being dark-skinned, entered the ghetto with a Star of David attached to her clothes, and left after removing it and showing her passport - and asked if Tamara would like to escape from the ghetto and to hide with her former history teacher, Petronelė Lastienė. Tamara answered in the affirmative. She managed to escape on April 7, 1944. Very excited, the girl came to her teacher Petronelė Lastienė, who lived at Donelaitis  street in Kaunas. Here she was very warmly welcomed, and immediately received a fictitious birth certificate in the name of Elena Savickaitė. After living with Petronėlė Lastienė for a while, then with her other teacher, Veronika Žvironaitė, whom she loved dearly, Tamara Lazerson was sent to Petronėlė Lastienė's sister Vera Effertienė in the Pakamačiai manor in the Pasvalis district, where she happily saw the end of the war, in safety.

After the war, it became clear that Tamara's father was killed in Dachau and her mother in Stutthoft. Bronė Pajedaitė sheltered two orphans - Tamara and Anusė Keilsonaitė. Bronė Pajedaitė and Petronėlė Lastienė were arrested together with other authors of the memorandum on the restoration of Lithuania's independence in 1945. B. Pajedaitė was found dead in the premises of the KGB in Kaunas in September 1945.

Tamara Lazersonaitė:

"Fate took away my real mother but gave me three other mothers who surrounded me with warmth and love, cared for me like a real daughter.

Unfortunately, the terrible scarlet plague killed these mothers of mine as well. I became an orphan for the second time."

Rescued persons (Yad Vashem web page):

Tamara Lazerson

Information collected using:

Images from Rūta Paškauskienė's colection

Dobilas Kirvelis's article "Righteous from Užpaliai village"

Catalog "Išgelbėjęs vieną gyvybę, išgelbėja visą pasaulį"

Tamara on the right

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