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Pagojus Julius

* 1894 - 1953
* Recognized in 2006

Telšiai Old Cemetery, Šiauliai county

Pagojus Julius

55.988407 22.250899

About the rescuer and the rescue story

Ignas Pagojus was married to a woman with whom he had two children - Domicelė born in 1889 and Julius born in 1894. After the death of the children's mother, Ignas got married a second time - to Ieva. He had three more children with Ieva - one of the sons was Baltramiejus born in 1897. When Ignas died, Ieva remarried and had one more child in her second marriage - a son, Zenonas Smilgevičius. Thus the family had more than one marriage and at least 6 children, not all with the same surname. Ignas and his family lived in the village of Vilkaičiai, near Telšiai. He was a simple peasant with little land.

Julius Pagojus married Juliana, with whom he had two children, Joana and Julius.

From the memoirs of Yehoshua Shokhot:

I was in the Pagoj family in 1942, for about five months (June-October).Julius Pagoj was the brother of my nanny, Domicelė, who took care of me during the whole war. The Pagojus were small, poor peasants, their modest farm was in the village of Vilkaičiai near Telšiai. There were two children in the family: a daughter, Joana (Janė), about two years younger than me, and a very young boy, Julius, who was still being nursed by his mother. When they worked in the fields, they often took us children with them. While they worked, Janė and I would look after her little brother, Julius. Sometimes we stayed alone with Julius at home. As their farm was near the forest, we would often go berry picking together. During my stay with the Pagojus, my mother was, comparatively speaking, not far away - in the Gedvilas family. My mother used to visit me from time to time. In the autumn of 1942, my mother took me to the Gedvilas, and we stayed with their family for about a month and a half. My brother Chaim and Rachel Taic were also in the Pagojus family for a while.

Rescued persons (Yad Vashem web page):

Joshua Shochot
Haim Shochot
Rachel Zinger Taic

Information collected using:

The story shared by Baltramiejus Pagojas' daughter Ieva

55.988407 22.250899

Reizl Shochot with Haim and Joshua. 1936

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