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Markevičius Juozas

*1892 - 1989
*Recognized in 1991

Palevėnė Cemetery,
Kupiškis district, Lithuania

Markevičius Juozas


About the rescuer and the rescue story

Elena and Juozapas Markevičiai lived in Trinapolis, near Subačius, with their seven children Romas, Valerija, Jonas, Vladas, Jadvyga, Marija and Regina. During the war, this family saved nine people from death. Juozapas Markevičius had known Subačius' storekeeper Wolf Kushner for a long time. Kushner's wife was arrested and killed in the first days of the war. Kushner with his three children - thirteen-year-old Asia, eighteen-year-old Sonia, and seven-year-old son Josef - came to Juozas Markevičius and asked for help. Juozapas Markevičius sheltered them in a barn. Soon, Simcha Zion and two refugees from Poland joined them. From 1943, Shalom Shorenzon and Szpinadel came to the Trinapolis farmstead after escaping forced labor in Panevėžys. They were always in danger of being caught by the Nazis or their auxiliaries. It was not easy to feed so many people and take care of their other needs. The irreplaceable assistants of Juozapas Markevičius in rescuing people were his older children Jonas, Romas, Vladas, Marija and Valerija.

Jonas Markevičius said: A large company was formed; food was needed for eighteen mouths. My sister baked bread, I had to carry milk, cook food in the bushes.

After the war, Juozapas Markevičius, his son Romas and daughter Valerija were exiled to Siberia.

Rescued persons (Yad Vashem web page):

Simcha Zion
Shalom Shorenzon
Szpinadel, first name unknown
Wolf Kushner
Wolf Kushner’s children Asia, Sonia and Josef


Markevičius' family

Juozapas with Valerija and Romas

Shalom Shorenzon

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