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Klimas Petras

* 1904 – 1980
* Recognized in 1993

Užventis village cemetery

Klimas Petras

55.783499 22.645564

About the rescuer and the rescue story

Petras and Felicijana lived in the village of Pabutkalnis, Kelmė district. They had four children - Stasė, Juozas, Felicija and Antanas. During the Holocaust, Petras and Felicijana, with the help of their children, hid and rescued Jews in their home. They communicated and cooperated with other people who saved Jews.

After the war, Petras was exiled to Siberia. He spent 10 years there. After the exile he returned to his farm.

Felicijana Klimienė and her sons stayed on the farm until Juozas got married and moved away, while Antanas went to the army and after the army stayed in Kaunas.

After the war, the Klimas' daughter Stasė was also exiled to Siberia for helping the partisans. Stasė's son, Liudas, says that everybody knows that Stasė made a very strong contribution to helping the Jews - probably the most, because she was the oldest child. Sadly, perhaps because Stasė was imprisoned in Siberia while collecting testimonies, she was not granted the status.

After the war, Felicija Klimaitė went to study in Šilalė. She worked as an accountant. She married Antanas Radavičius. They had a son Arūnas. The whole Radavičius family moved to Vilnius, where Felicija worked as an accountant until her retirement.

Felicija Radavičienė (Klimaitė) testifies:

Our family - father Petras Klimas (1904-1980), mother Felicijana Klimienė (1901-1966), brother Juozas (born in 1933) and myself, Felicija (born in 1929) - lived in the village of Pabutkalnis in Kelme district.

When the war broke out, my father, Petras Klimas, brought more than 20 Jews with a cart from Luokė: they were asked to be taken in by Dr. Girbudas. They were all accommodated in a barn on hay. For a few days, all the Jews were with us, and then we distributed them little by little to other farmers - Baliutavitis, Taranda, Juškevičius, Černiauskas, Šarkauskas.

These people were hiding with us:

Rachel Kacav (then she had a different surname. Songaila may know, he lived in her house in Užventis);

Esther Blecher and her mother-in-law. Esther's mother-in-law was an old woman, the oldest of all the people who lived with us;

Magidiene with her son (a boy about 6 years old). After the war, Magidiene went to live in Africa;

A woman with a child whose name I do not remember;

Bliuma Shakhnovichiene and her sister Chaya were also with us. After the war she got married, lived in Vilnius, had two children. Later she went to Israel, now deceased. Her son lives in the USA, her daughter lives in Israel;

There were also two young men from Kelmė, one named Jankelis.

I was about 12 years old then. I was always taking letters from Rachel or other people to their relatives or acquaintances who lived with other people: to Baliutavičius, to Tarandas. That's how they kept in touch. I also took them to other people, if necessary, and we often went at night, through the woods. I was brave then, I was not afraid of anything.

Rachel and Esther stayed with us longer, maybe more people stayed with us longer, I don't remember all of them. Magidienė stayed with us for a long time. Once Rachel had to run into the forest: Bartkus the shooter came, and Rachel was at home at the time, so I quickly told her about him, opened the window, and she ran into the forest. Bartkus lived about 5 kilometres away, in the village of Junkilai. I also know that Jankauskas also shot people. He was shot after the war, but where Bartkus disappeared to - I don't know, I didn't look into it.

I went to secondary school in Užventis together with Genutė Černiauskaitė, the daughter of the rescuers. I also took some people to the Černiauskas.

That's all I remember now about saving Jews. I corresponded with Rachel Kacav, I worked as an accountant, and now I am retired.

In 1993, my parents and I were awarded the Righteous Among the Nations medal.

Vilnius, 2 November 2004.

Rescued persons (Yad Vashem website):

Musia Blecher
Rachel Kacev
Esther Kreingel
Liba Leshem

Information collected using:

A story shared by Stasė Klimaitė's son Liudas

55.783499 22.645564

Felicija and Felicijana. Around 1952

Seated from left: Felicijana Klimienė, Petras Klimas, Stasė Jakubauskienė (Klimaitė). Standing from left: Antanas Radavičius, Felicija Radavičienė (Klimaitė), Antanas Klimas, Vaclovas Jakubauskas. Klaipėda, around 1956

Felicijana and Petras

Rachel Kacev, Esther Kreingel

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