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Karosas Mykolas

*1878 - 1955
*Recognized in 2018

Šeduva churchyard,
Radviliškis district, Lithuania

Karosas Mykolas


About the rescuer and the rescue story

The humanity and courage of prelate Mykolas Karosas, the pastor of Šeduva, was manifested already in the first years of the Nazi occupation. 

From the article "For the honor of Lithuania" by Doctor of Humanities Eglė Bendikaitė ("Radviliškio kraštas", 2015, No. 1):

"Although everyone knew what punishments were threatening for disobeying the orders of the new government, hiding Jews or providing them with any help, prelate Mykolas Karosas publicly warned the parishioners during the service not to contribute to the persecution and destruction of their Jewish neighbors.

Prelate Mykolas Karosas and several like-minded parishioners undertook a risky action - to rescue several families from the ghetto, citing their merits for Šeduva and the state of Lithuania, and that those who fought for Lithuania's freedom and independence at its greatest time cannot be killed. The families of doctor Paturski and volunteers Nol and Kuper were freed.

In 1941 September 16 officially, publicly, following all the rites, M. Karosas gave the sacrament of Baptism to six adults and five children. The godparents were well known and respected persons in the town. However, less than three weeks later, the newly minted Christians were arrested and taken away to be shot. It was only by lucky chance that the only Nol Shulamit managed to avoid death. It was deadly dangerous to stay in the town, and there was nowhere to run from death. And humanist Mykolas Karosas helped again: he hid her for several days in the basement behind the high altar of Šeduva church. There was a frantic search for a haven. The place was found on the farm of Stanislovas and Ludovika Paluckas’ on the outskirts of the village of Šniukoniai."

From the letter of Remigijus Orantas, grandson of Stanislovas and Ludavika Paluckas’, 2016-02-03 to the museum:

"Nol Shulamit was not at home when her husband and two sons were taken away by the police. When she found out, she ran to the police and begged them to take her to her family. The cops threatened to shoot her on the spot but changed their minds because there would be a lot of blood and dead body, so they told her to leave. Then Nol ran to prelate Mykolas Karosas, whom she knew well. M. Karosas hid the woman in the church, in the basement behind the high altar. She stayed there for about 3 days. During the service in the church, the sacristan approached my grandparents Stanislovas and Ludovika Paluckas and asked to enter the rectory. Prelate M. Karosas was waiting there. He asked to please Shulamit Nol, in his opinion, my grandparents' homestead was the right place for that purpose. That's how Nol appeared in my grandparents' house."

Mykolas Karosas' help in rescuing Shulamit Nol was also testified by Nol's son, architect Pinchas Nolis, who was born during the war and lives in Israel. G. Kirpičnikas, Shulamit and Pinch Nol, Nol's son, who was born in Paluckas’ farm, were able to wait out until the end of the war thanks to the people who dared to take responsibility for another person in the face of mortal danger.

Rescued persons (Yad Vashem website):

Nol Shulamit


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