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Budzinskienė Benigna

* recognized in 2006

Lieplaukė village cemetery, Telšiai district

Budzinskienė Benigna

55.965816 22.105784

About the rescuer and the rescue story

Benigna and Antanas got married at the beginning of the 20th century. The couple owned a 31-hectare farm in the Telšiai district, in the village of Degučiai. The family had four children - Stefanija, Benigna, Aloyzas and Genovaitė. All family members worked on the farm, sometimes hiring seasonal workers. During the German occupation, the Budzinkas family hid Joshua, a child of the Shochot family, who was only 9 years old at the time. The older daughters of the Budzinkas family, Benigna and Stefanija, were very active in helping.

At the end of the war, the Budzinkas family was exiled for 6 years. Only the daughters Stefanija and Benigna managed to escape exile - Stefanija hid in Šiauliai and changed her surname, while Benigna retreated with the Germans towards Dresden, and although her escape was not successful, she was not sent to exile. Aloyzas Budzinskas went into exile with his wife, who did not want to separate from her husband.

After returning from exile, Benigna and Antanas returned to their home in Degučiai, where they were cared for by their children until their death.

Benigna and Antanas's grandson Nilas speaks of his grandparents as good-hearted patriots, for whom it was better to give than to receive, to sacrifice than to betray.

Rescued persons:

Joshua Shochot

Information collected using:

The memories of Nilas Budžinskas

55.965816 22.105784

Benigna and Antanas with their daughter Genovaitė

The Budzinskas family

Domicelė Pagojutė with Joshua and Haim Shochot. 1938

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