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Bušauskas Feliksas (son)

* 1918 – 2014
* recognized in 2007

Romainiai second cemetery, Kaunas

Bušauskas Feliksas (son)

54.919889 23.852864

About the rescuer and the rescue story

Teklė and Feliksas Bušauskas lived in the village of Guroniai in Aukštadvaris parish. There were eight children in the family. The Bušauskas knew well the Jewish Kalamicki family, who farmed in the village of Sepijoniškės, 3-4 kilometres away from Guroniai. When the war broke out, the Bušauskas hid 8 Jews in their homestead: Icik Kalamicki, his wife Ida Kalamicki, their sons Yakov and David, and Ida Kalamicki's two sisters Sheina and Raja, with their infant son Emanuel. Depending on the circumstances, the Jews hid in the basement or attic of the house, in the sauna, or in the hayloft. When the danger of a search arose, Feliksas Bušauskas mounted his horse and, fearing a long delay, drove the hiding Jews in broad daylight to the village of Klėriškiai to the Dimša family, and later to the Paškauskas family, where they waited for the war to end.

Shortly afterwards Feliksas (the elder) died, and Teklė remained in the village of Guroniai. Some of the children stayed with their mother, others visited her.

Feliksas (the younger) had completed a tailoring course and worked as a tailor all his life. He lived in Kaunas, was married to Ona and had three sons.

Kazė moved from Guroniai to Kaišiadorys and from Kaišiadorys to Žasliai. In Žasliai she met Leonas Bužavas, a widower with two grown-up children. Kazė and Leonas married and had another child.

Albina married Petras Dakinevičius, 18 years older than her. Petras worked in a brewery and the family lived in the Prienai district. Albina and Petras had three children. Petras died when the youngest was 7 years old. Later, Albina worked various jobs to take care of the children and herself - she worked on the collective farm and at school. For a while she lived in Trečionys, then, on the initiative of her children, she moved to a house they were building in Stakliškės.

Rescued persons:

Bluma Berkman
Ida Berkman Kalamicki
David Kalamicki
Icchak Kalamicki
Yakov Kalamicki
Sheina Berkman Shadur
Raja Berkman Shlom
Emanuel Shlom

Information collected using:

Albina Bušauskaitė - Dakinevičienė's daughter Valeria's story

54.919889 23.852864

The Bušauskas family. Standing, from left: Albina Bušauskaitė-Dakinevičienė, Feliksas Bušauskas, Vladas Bušauskas, Viktoras Bušauskas, Kazė Bušauskaitė-Bužavienė; seated: Teklė and Feliksas Bušauskas. Post-war photo

Righteous Among the Nations Awards. Albina Dakinevičienė (left), Feliksas Bušauskas (right). 2008

Yakov and David Kalamicki

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