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Boguslauskas Antanas

​* 1922 - 2014
* recognized in 1992

Daniliškiai cemetery,
Vilnius, Lithuania

Boguslauskas Antanas


About the rescuer and the rescue story

Antanas Boguslauskas is one of Lithuania's proud luminaries.

During the Second World War, persecuted Jews were helped to hide on his father Vladislav's farm. When the communist authorities tortured his father in the Urals after the war for being a hardworking farmer, Antanas realized that only love, compassion, and patience can help people. He was honest and hardworking, loved his family, helped everyone who needed help. Antanas was loved and respected by all family members, relatives, friends, and neighbors.


in 1943 In November, the former co-worker of his wife Zofija Simokaitienė’ - teacher Mina Leibzonienė - entered the apartment of agronomist Simokaitis on Vytautas avenue in Kaunas. The woman asked for help: she, along with her husband Ephraim, thirteen-year-old daughter Ada and seven-year-old Davyd, were all imprisoned in the Kaunas ghetto. After hearing about the mass killing of children in the Šiauliai ghetto, they started thinking about escaping. Simokaitis family were the only ones who agreed to help.

Juozas Simokaitis took Ada Leibzonaitė to the farm of his sister Petronėlė Zasimauskienė in the village of Naujatrobė (Kaunas district). Ada was placed in the family of Stasys and Petronėlė Zasimauskas as a relative who came to take care of the children.

Antanas Boguslauskas (Zofija Simokaitienė's brother) helped Mina Leibzoniene and her son Dovydas go to their parents Boguslauskas in Žemaitija (Mažeikiai district). The journey was dangerous. At one of the train stations, during a regular inspection, Leibzonienė's documents caught the policeman's attention, and only thanks to Boguslauskas' vigilance, she managed to avoid arrest. At Antanas's parents, Mina and Dovydas happily saw the end of the war.

Ephraim Leibzon was hidden by pastor Juozapas Želvys from Kaunas St. Anthony's church and other people.

All members of the Leibzon family survived and settled in Kaunas after the war. Later, Ada Leibzonaitė emigrated to Israel, while her brother Dovydas stayed in Vilnius, working as an engineer at the "Elfa" factory.

Rescued persons:

Mina Leibzonienė
Dovydas Leibzonas

Information collected using:

The memories of Lilija Baltrūnaitė


Leibzon family

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